Roberto Zanetti

Zanetti as a singer (Savage):In late 1983 he recorded under the stage name, Savage. His smash SLEAZY-ENERGY hit Don't Cry Tonight was a hit in Europe and was often remixed. The same year he recorded Only You, a low beat Italo Disco classic. His first album Tonight was successful and preceded singles like Radio, Time, A Love Again, Celebrate, Love Is Death. In 1989 he recorded I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight (a Hi-Nrg remake of a song by Cutting Crew). Also in 1989 he released a greatest hits album. In 1994 he released the album Strangelove, containing a number of remixes of his older songs and four mixes of Strangelove (originally composed by Depeche Mode). The last single released by Savage was Don't You Want Me that appeared on his own label Dance World Attack Records (DWA) in 1994. This track is not in the "Strangelove" album.

Zanetti as a music composer and producer:In the early to mid 90's, Robyx was a Classic Eurodance pioneer. Hits such as "Think About the Way" by Ice MC, "The Rhythm of the Night" by Corona. feat Ice MC, "Me and You" by Alexia, and "Run to Me" by Double You made Robyx an international success. In the early 90's, when Classic Eurodance started to get global recognition on radio stations with hits such as "Rhythm Is a Dancer (Snap!)," and "More and More" (Captain Hollywood Project), Robyx came out with the songs "Take Away the Colour" (1993) and "The Rhythm of the Night" (1992). In the mid 90's, when Classic Eurodance was in its golden age, Robyx came out with several singles, the biggest was "Baby Baby" by Corona. "Baby baby", like "The Rhythm of the Night," was played on American radio stations even though European dance music usually wasn't. Around 1997, Robyx re-invented his style and came out with a hit sung by Alexia, "The Summer Is Crazy."
After 1997, Robyx released a few albums by Alexia and was less involved with Eurodance music. The latest info suggested that he began working solely with Italian artists to make Italian pop songs.
To this date, in websites such as [1]Eurodancehits.com, Robyx is still praised. Some of his fans would like him to return to his eurodance roots. Some of his greatest contributions to the Eurodance genre are bringing it to an international audience and helping it break out of the discothèques and onto the radio.

Savage Discography:

Don't Cry Tonight (1983)
Only You (1984)
Radio/A Love Again (1984)
Radio/Reggae Radio (1984)
Love Is Death (1986)
Celebrate (1986)
I'm Loosing You (1988)
Don't Cry Tonight (Rap '89) (1989)
Good-Bye (1989)
Johnny -LALA
[edit] Albums
Capsicum (1986)
Goodbye (1989)
Strangelove (1994)
Don't Cry – Greatest Hits (1994)
Discomania (2001)

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